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Frigid Women Definition

There are many men that describe their wives as a frigid wife. This is also because of the fact that after a certain period of time when the woman is in the late thirties, there comes a time when the male libido is at its peak and the female libido is on the decline. This poses more challenges in a marriage than one can imagine and therefore can be the cause of many relationships breaking up. However, sometimes the whole situation can be a subjective one. A man who is extremely sexually active may consider someone who has average levels of sexual needs to be frigid and therefore while a definition of this exists, the fact of the matter is that the interpretation of the same is extremely dependent on the person making the statement. Some people actually believe that most men fall for frigid females in the beginning because they seem to be playing hard to get; something that they are actually not putting on but are naturally.

Frigid women seem to attract attention because they seem hard to get and men are generally attracted towards women who seem indifferent towards them. It is a normal case of wanting what seems more evasive than trying to get what is coming to you more easily. What these men probably do not know is that at a later date the frigidity factor can play be a negative influence in the whole relationship and cause issues far more greater than just sex.

This is mainly because of the fact that lack of sex in a relationship can spread to other issues too. Sometimes good sex can help in solving other matters that can be otherwise discussed after some good sex. While the frigid definition may be subjective, there is a common ground that needs to be found in every relationship.

A frigid wife can be extremely difficult to handle especially if your own sexual needs are high. Such cases end up resulting in infidelity and cheating on the partner and one really cannot say whose fault the whole thing is. A physical need just has to be satisfied to some extent for the man.

Frigid women sometimes have a different point of view. They may feel that the guy they are with just does not seem to excite them or turn them on. And this is also possible that the woman has not really found someone that turns her on and is being labeled as frigid for no fault of hers.

There is a need for a couple to understand the sexual needs of each other and try and adapt accordingly. This does not mean that the wife should be ready all the time or the male should settle for no sex at all. With a so called frigid wife, a common ground needs to be found.

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