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Old couples relationships

Old couples, generally in the age group 57-64, face problems with sex drive. In men this is usually a difficulty in obtaining an erection and in women it is a reduction in genital sensation and dryness in vagina. A combination of these two factors normally translates into not wanting to have sex despite the desire. The fact is that with advanced age our body experiences a lot of changes. Along with general degeneration there is also a change in hormone secretions. Both these eventually translate into decrease in genital function and have a considerable affect on the quality of orgasm. That however should not be a reason for senior couples to deny themselves the pleasures of life. When you have been living with you partner for decades there is a general increase in intimacy and the relationship is more mature than you were young. Absence of sex in the relationship acts as a hurdle and affects the level of intimacy. At this age both husband and wife need each other more than ever before and lack of satisfactory sex can spoil relationships. While men shirk from having sex due to erectile dysfunction, the women at this age desire more sex when they are cuddled and pampered in an intimate setting.

If you are an old couple you bring back sex in your life and restore the same level of intimacy and enjoy the pleasures of life. The first thing is to discuss the problem with each other. In this case the wife has to take an initiative because men tend to believe that their bedroom problems reflect on their manhood.

Older couples should explore new options for having sex. Try changing the scene to avoid boredom. Start foreplay long before your tryst in the bedroom. Phone from office and fix a romantic dinner out and suggest other things after it. Many problems in older men spring from greater expectations. Give yourself and your partner time to adjust the changed reality.

As an older couple you don’t need to only to maintain but also increase your intimacy despite decrease in performance. Expecting that you have always to bring your partner to orgasm every time you have sex leads to anxiety and affects performance. For a healthy sexual relationship discuss with your partner as to what’s working and what is not.

Open communication between older couples often leads to having satisfactory sex but there may still be physiological problems that need to be addressed. The most common problem women face in advanced age is absence of lubrication. There are vaginal creams that women can use for facilitating easy penetration. With men, however, erectile dysfunction is the most common problem.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is now possible with FDA approved drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These are safe drugs and need to be taken half hour before you plan to have sex. Online pharmacies provide a convenient option to old couples for ordering these pills without having to face the embarrassment getting them at a local drugstore.

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